Tuesday, April 28, 2015

☁︎ Rebecca Minkoff ☁︎ Bedford Crossbody in Black Leather ☁︎ [Review] ☁︎

ChocoBunbuns <3 

For the past few months I had been trying to find a sweet crossbody purse that was also functional and could hold all my essentials without a problem. I came across many different purses, but finally bit the bullet and purchased this Rebecca Minkoff Bedford Crossbody
I've been using it for the past several weeks and I'm ready to give you all an 
honest review of this cute little handbag. 

As far as looks go, I really like it. It's a very simple design and can be matched with almost any outfit. The black and gold color combination is so classy and the gold chain is just the right amount of flash-factor. It's also made from genuine leather that is REALLY SOFT.

You can tell the chain is a high quality one. It's very shiny although it will begin to lose its luster after repeated use. But that is to be expected of all metals and even after it has lost its "new" shine, you cannot tell unless you closely inspect the links. It's also a heavy chain so you don't feel like you're carrying around a plasticky chain with metallic paint. 
The leather shoulder area of the strap is very comfortable and malleable. It conforms to the curve of your shoulder easily. There are 7 flat gold studs that do not affect the comfort of the strap at all.

The genuine leather of this bag is really soft to the touch, and it's actually one thing that I didn't like about this model. It's so soft that marks are easily made into areas where you are constantly scraping the bag against. Fingernails can make dents quite easily. When you're opening the bag flap (which is closed by magnetic closure), sometimes you'll scratch the leather (I've heard using heat can reverse the damage).
In terms of functionality, the bag can hold quite a lot of stuff. It can definitely fit your essentials: phone (I use an iPhone 6 Plus and the bag is just long enough to fit it), small wallet, keys, pepper spray, lipstick, headphones, all in one go. Any more than that would get cramped though. 

There is an inner zip pocket as well as another side pocket. The outside also has a pocket with a magnetic closure on the back. You can fit receipts, business cards, etc into it, but I wouldn't try slipping a phone in or the leather might get stretched and disfigured in the long-run. 
Here is a side view for you to gauge the thickness of the bag. 
It's actually really perfect in my opinion. I was looking at the MAC minis, but I chose this bag over them because they were too thin. This one definitely fits more.
This is a really good option for those of you who want an errands bag or a bag for a night out. You can often find Rebecca Minkoff bags at Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus. I believe there are only a handful of physical Rebecca Minkoff stores, so ordering online is a good option! If you buy from websites like Amazon, do make sure you're getting an authentic product!  

xxoo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

☆ ROCKSBOX ☆ [Review] [Sponsored] ☆

Hello Fashionable Ladies & Gents!

"Shine Insider gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry" is what is on the home page of ROCKSBOX.com and it is the perfect description for what this company is all about. This renting concept is very cute and convenient for those who want quality jewelry from designers at an affordable price! Also great for those who want to constantly change their pieces and swap them for new, fresh designs.

Shine Insider is only $19 per month and you receive 3 pieces of jewelry that are handpicked by Rocksbox stylists according to what you like (because you take a survey upon creating your account). You also get $10 worth of ShineSpend per month to spend on jewelry because you may just fall in love with a piece that you don't want to give back!

It's very useful that with every Rocksbox set you get a card that tells you what the name of each piece is called. When you return your set, you can fill out this little survey to let your designer know whether you liked it or not so (s)he can put together another set that fits your needs. You can also leave this feedback online.

For every person you invite, you also get $25 to spend on jewelry :] 

This concept, as I already stated, is very convenient because Rocksbox provides the shipping labels for your returns. They are included in every box. In fact, you can even reuse the shipping envelope that your package came in! They've thought of everything!!

Shipping time is very fast. I have been using this service for about a month now. Sometimes the jewelry that I receive is not to my taste, so I just ship it back and receive a new box in several days! It is partially my fault because I should be going on the site and putting things I want on my wish list :P

This has been my favorite accessory so far. It's called the Gorjana Greer V-neck Necklace. I think it's very sweet and simple and can be worn with any outfit. 

My Take on Rocksbox

I really do think that this company provides a very unique service for those who want to stay on trends and try on quality accessories. The fact that all the jewelry is of good quality and made from good materials is great for many who have allergies toward cheap metals. 

However, do take a look at the kind of jewelry that Rocksbox provides before jumping right in. They do very different styles, but if none of them fit your personal taste then this service may not be for you. I'll admit that I am quite conservative when it comes to accessories so many of the styles that are provided through Rocksbox do not fit my style. Sometimes what I receive can be a hit or a miss. 

Take some time to browse their website at Rocksbox.com and if you are ready to give this service a try, use the code: sikimsusenixoxo for your first month free!! This code is valid for a free month trial for 30 days after this post goes live. After that time period, it will be a 50% off your first month coupon!

xxoo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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